A picture a day | Leonardo da Vinci

Everyone has his own hero. Dad, Superman, Scooby Doo… it’s very personal so it could be everyone. My hero is Leonardo da Vinci. So when we went to Italy in 2004 I had to visit him. It was awesome and the only disappointment was that he wasn’t home.

It was magic to visit the little town Vinci. There wasn’t that much to see. The old house, a small (but very nice) museum and some souvenir-shops. But all the magic was in the imagination. This guy da Vinci was a miracle. He was good in writing, sketching, painting, inventing stuff, building those things and more.

For me he was an example of the things we can if both our brain sides work together. He could write from right to left and you would need a mirror to read it. I read a lot about Leonardo and he was always playing, trying and learning. Leonardo da Vinci is my hero.

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  1. esmiralda013 zegt:

    Pretty man in this picture 😉 so different then these days 🙂 nice

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