A picture a day | Black & White

Photography is all about light. No light, no photo. Even colour is light. And we all love bright colorfull pictures. A blue sky, green grass and an orange orange. Colours are awesome. That’s why we take less B&W pictures. I do. Until today.

I took this picture in Brantôme, Acquitanië, France. There was so much contrast with all the shadows and highlights I decided this picture should be in black and white.

These days I’m trying to learn how to paint with watercolour. And all those experienced people on Youtube are helping me a lot. One of them had an amazing tip. First take a picture of the scenery you want to paint. And take that picture in black and white. Your camera calls this monochrome. It’s easy even with a smartphone. With the picture in black and white you can easily detect the shadows and the highlights. And meanwhile I was playing around with the histograms on my camera. That’s also about shadows and highlights. Another person on Youtube had posted a video about taking B&W pictures to better understand histograms and how to use them.

So while learning something about water-colouring I learned something about photography. A very productive day 🙂

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Een reactie op A picture a day | Black & White

  1. Latourte zegt:

    Joli château de Brantôme dans le département de la Dordogne en Aquitaine ! Top

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