A picture a day | Inspiration

Camping is great. Back to basics. Crossing the whole campsite with a roll of toiletpaper under you arm. Crawling in and out a little tent a million times a day. Uncomfortable chairs, no fridge and the always leaking air-matras. But then you get inspired.

While camping somewhere in Italy in 2004 I woke up one morning and there it was. An old blue and white box on four wheels. It had massive windows, a door, and somewhat of an awning. I was hooked in a split second. And in the second after that I made a decision. One day I would had one of those.

In 2008 we bought one. Actually not just one but The One. Our One. A Hymer 564 from 1991. Old but in good shape. It’s awesome. It has electricity and therefor a fridge, hot and cold running water, a shower, a heater, a huge closet and… a proper bed. Tomorrow I’ll show you a picture of DieVanOns (that’s how we called it and it means: Our`One).

This blog is not about our camper. It’s about the inspiration and the decision based on that. These days we have The Internet and access to a huge amount of information. And most of that content is the stuff we make ourself. You and me. And among all that content there are these small inspirational fractions. A picture, some words and the occasional video. They pass by on your timeline and you think… Wow! Or Yes. Or it just hits you. That’s what happend to me when I saw the little blue and white camper. It hit me. It was the missing piece of the puzzle I tried to fix.

We love camping and especially during weekends. But often we left at Friday with beautiful weather and almost drowned in our tent at Saturday and Sunday. Other times it was bad weather at Friday so we stayed at home. And… of course… with amazing nice weather the rest of the weekend.

Since we have our own little camper we go whenever and wherever we want. To this little camper from Italy: Thanks for the inspiration!

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