A picture a day | A free head

As promised yesterday, here she is. Our little mobile home. Two meters wide, just under six meters long. And it has everything you need. Of course it is a kind of luxurieus camping this way. But it’s not only about the practicality. It’s more about freedom. Freedom in your head. Well, my head in this case.

At the age of 18 I got my first job. I was thrilled about it and was working around the clock. And at the age of 19 I was unemployed again. A serie of related companies were closed and the one I was working for was one of them. I didn’t understand.

The next day (really, the next day) I started my own company. So after one year at the workforce I was CEO. Pretty impressive. But CEO is just a title and I knew squat. Nothing. I worked insanely hard with no direction. So I got lost. I didn’t understand.

At the age of 23 I packed my backpack and left to figure things out. And after 12 months I was back. I figured it out.

Since that moment the backpack was a symbol for me. A symbol of freedom. If I would get lost in life again the only thing I would need is that backpack. It’s all I needed traveling the south of Europe. I had no money, no creditcards, no insurance, no destination… nothing. Just that backpack. But my back is not future-proof. And meanwhile I have a little more stuff to carry around. Time for upgrading that backpack.

So now I have this beautiful piece of home on wheels. It’s awesome. But for me it’s a symbol for that one thing I take care of every single day. The freedom in my head.

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