A picture a day | The (new) vlog is on his way

This is my vlog-camera. I’m talking to it for months now. About my new vlog. And we figured it out. Finally.

I vlogged before. As an experiment. To try, to learn, to adjust. It was a great experiment. I made about a dozen episodes and had a great time with it. But quickly I discovered the vlog was missing the most important ingredient. The story.

So I had to return to the drawing table to fix that. And I think I did. So the vlog will be back. Renewed, in English and with a story. A great story. I’ll keep you informed.

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Een reactie op A picture a day | The (new) vlog is on his way

  1. esmiralda013 zegt:

    Can’t wait to here more about it 🙂

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