A picture a day | Panning

In the photography-game ‘pingpong’ I’m playing with my buddy Paul, he posted a picture of a car driving by. And the goal is to get a blurry background, fuzzy wheels and a razor-sharp car.

The picture above I took while visiting the Nurburgring in Germany. With a million cars racing the circuit there was plenty of practise in panning.

The problem was the distance to the tarmac. I was shooting with my D90 and a 18-200mm VR-lens. It did quite a good job. But panning with that distance (at least a 100 feet) zoomed in all the way is not easy. I did quite a good job.

But now I want to take a new great ‘panned’-picture for our pingpong-game. And this time using my X100. The X100 has a fixed 35mm unstabilized lens. It’s less easy, but more a challenge. And I like challenges.

Note: The pingpong-photography means that one is posting a picture and the other one answers with a similar picture.

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