A picture a day | Mooding up a boring square

Normally I pull all pictures straight out of the camera. But once in a while I wanna give a picture more ‘mood’. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Either way, it’s fun to play with.

When I recall it correct this picture is from the central square in ‘Bergen op Zoom’. I have to say, it’s quite a boring square. I took a dozen pictures and none of them was satisfying. So I picked the most useable one and started up ‘Aperture’ on my Mac.

The app is packed with features and despite of that I loaded some extra plugins. Enough craziness to plat with. I never know what I’m doing and just go with ‘what the eye sees’. The result is better then the original so that’s good. I even made a light-post disappear for a cleaner image. I had a great time with this picture.

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