A picture a day | Shapes

A couple of days ago I posted something about photography and architecture. So I was wondering if I have more picture about the same theme. It surprises me how few there are. But I ran into this one.

You’re right! These are the stairs in >Rome>Vatican>Museum. Rome is awesome. These stairs also. Actually they are not really stairs. It’s more a spiralled walk-thing-y. And from above it’s a interesting shape. And that explains when I’m interested in photography in relation to architecture. For me it’s not about the buildings. It’s all about the shapes. On the other hand… maybe architecture is about shapes.

The second picture is another example. I took it in Rome also. I don’t know the building. I haven’t a picture of the building. I just took a picture of the ceiling. Because of the shapes.

Another one. The Eiffel Tower from underneath. Doesn’t look like the Eiffel Tower. It’s a shape. Well… that’s me. Travelling around the world, taking pictures of shapes.

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