A picture a day | Walk it off

I stumbled over my own ‘A picture a day’-challenge and felt down. No biggie. You stand up, walk it off and continue. And that’s what I did. Paul and I went for a whole day of some serious street photography. To watch life closely.

Paul and I are different. First of all he’s freakin’ tall. He doesn’t need a drone. On the street Paul shoots with a Olympus OM-D 5 and I with a Fuji X100. He’s more of a portret kind of guy, I’m a typically ‘from the hip’-shooter. Paul is on autofocus, I’m in the zone. But we also share a lot. We share our insights, findings and opinions. A laugh, a few drinks and a good meal. By the way, check out Paul’s website.

First we went to Woudrichem. A lovely small town but with just a few streets. That’s bad for street photography. So we moved to Breda which is a proper city. Lots of streets and lots of people. We had an awesome time. We walked, talked and shoot a lot of people. Even a little rain didn’t bother us and actually added some flavour to the scenery.

I’m starting to love this kind of photography. It’s like you are zooming in on life around you. Every minute is a complete movie. There is so much going on. Normally we race through the day. We don’t stop, take a deep breath and connect with our surroundings that often. Street photography forces you to stop and connect. With life, each other and yourself.

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