A picture a day | Back into the field

Today it was the first day of my holiday. And that means I have time for things I really like. Well, there is always time but it’s a constant struggle with priorities. And when I have a holiday my priorities are different. Today one of those priorities was getting back into the field.

So I grabbed my D90, tripod, and carkeys and rushed out. I live nearby a beautiful piece of nature (Biesbosch) and there is always a bit of sky, field or pond to take a picture of. It was getting dark very quickly so I needed a lot of shutter speed but I brought my tripod. But where is the remote? Really, why do I have so much stuff in such a small bag? After putting the bag upside down three times I found it. The remote.

The picture is combined with three separate pictures with different exposures. I wanted the green of the grass and the blue of the sky. It’s called bracketing. I don’t know why. I didn’t use a bracket.

This picture is no price winner. But I actually like the result. Me, back into the field again! 🙂

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Een reactie op A picture a day | Back into the field

  1. esmiralda013 zegt:

    It is beautiful 🙂 and enjoy your vacation!

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