A picture a day | From boring to exciting

I was in London a couple of weeks ago. It was an exciting trip. But the weather over there was boring. Of course, I had a camera with me. I took a picture of the river Thames but I had to spice it up. Making the picture as exciting as the whole trip.

The camera I had with me was the Fuji X100. Small, light and incredible. I wasn’t really on a sightseeing trip in London. I was there for some real business. I had a meeting for one and a half hour in the center of ‘business-doing’-London. Four out of five people on the street were wearing a suit. With tie.

My meeting was with Brinley. He has some real corporate mileage on him. So sure I was listening very carefully to him. People like Brinley know stuff. So I was very excited. Not nervous. Excited. We talked about strategy, ‘Strategy with Balls’ and digitizing businesses. It was a great meeting and I’m working on the follow-up right now.

Back on the streets again it was time to relax and enjoy London. It’s an awesome city. But with the really boring weather. So I cranked up the weather in the picture. For sure the people in the ferris wheel want to get out as soon as possible. 🙂

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Een reactie op A picture a day | From boring to exciting

  1. esmiralda013 zegt:

    It is an amazing picture 🙂

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