A picture a day | Social Photography

First things first… this is not a picture taken by me. Paul took it. It’s a great picture. And he didn’t just hit the shutter button. He first hit the social button.

We were taking pictures in Woudrichem. A small village nearby. Every building over there is a monument. They take great care of all these buildings. And so was this guy. While I was playing candid camera, Paul had another approach. He started a conversation. About buildings and masonry and the weather and so on. Just small talk. And the guy was enjoying it. He was on that scaffolding the whole day so he could use a break.

After that Paul asked if it was okay if he took some pictures. He didn’t mind at all. And so Paul turned the guy into a model.

So Paul learned me a lesson that day. Street photography is often Social Photography. 🙂

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