A picture a day | Dramatic clouds

It’s cloudy. And I like that. Not the rain or storm. Just the clouds. Blue skies are… just blue. But clouds make the sky alive.

There are these white fluffy cotton-candy-like clouds. White fluffy clouds in a blue sky make the world a… uh… a piece of candy. A sweet must have big blue marble.

And there are these dark grey threatening clouds. They make the world a thriller. The way I like it. Especially above open water these clouds makes you feel… tiny and vulnerable. And look at that boat. He’s flooring it to get out of there.

To be honest I helped the story a little bit with some dramatic spices and HDR flavour. I have a lot of fun with ‘cooking’ a picture like that. Photography is not just trying to replicate the world on a pixel-level precision-ness. (Is that a word?) Photography is also giving birth to stories. Uh.. that’s an awkward sentence you don’t wanna have a picture of.

Anyway… for me, it’s all about the creative process. Scouting the scenery, taking the picture and creating something with it. For tomorrow I’m thinking of something green!

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