A picture a day | It’s not all about the outside

When Paul and I went to Antwerpen for a great day of photography, this train was waiting for us at the Roosendaal station. The sign said it would bring us to Antwerpen. We had our doubts.

The train looked like it would never leave that spot again. Ever. The doors were open. Probably because they couldn’t close anymore. There were rust and dust everywhere.

So we got in. What else to do? Inside it was okay. Nice chairs and it was clean. Clean enough. And while we were talking about Fuji camera’s the train suddenly started to make some noise. The doors closed. And the thing started to move. Everything went well. The train actually stopped in Antwerpen. And we were able to get off the train. Amazing!

This really old and ugly beast did his job. And we paid six Euro for the ride. That’s a bargain. Thank you train. And sorry. I should have known better. It’s not all about the outside. It’s the inside that matters 🙂

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