A picture a day | Golfcourse or campsite?

We went for Dusseldorf, Germany. For the annual Christmasfair in the center of the city. Of course we’re travelling with our Camper. It’s nice to know for sure we’ll sleep in our own bed. One thing is never for sure. Where we park our bed for the night.

Fuji X100, 1/2sec, F2.8, ISO3200, edited in snapseed

Fuji X100, 1/2sec, F2.8, ISO3200, edited in snapseed

We left home at 3:00pm. Instead of 1:00pm. So when we arrived at Dusseldorf it was dark outside. Really dark. So we took a wrong exit, made a 12km detour, discovered a closed camper-parking, a closed campsite and that Dusseldorf is one big no-parking-zone.

Then we headed for a golfcourse. Closed but accesable. I’m not sure at which hole we are parked. But it’s a damn fine spot to get some diner and some sleep. 🙂

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