A picture a day | Crap, Booze and Fastfood

We all work hard and once in a while we have to go outside. Away from our desks, computers and TV’s. Once in a while we have to go somewhere else. Another world, another country or another city. And that’s why we invented the holidays. So you have time to do something else. Somewhere else.

Fuji X100, 1/5sec, F5.6, ISO1600, edited in snapseed

Fuji X100, 1/5sec, F5.6, ISO1600, edited in snapseed

But the strange thing is though, somewhere else, we all do the same. Every time. Even at the Christmasfair in Dusseldorf. We drink booze, eat fastfood and buy all the crap we can.

Happy Holidays, everybody 🙂

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