A picture a day | ‘De Efteling’ in the rain

I went to ‘De Efteling’. It was a rainy sunday but I took a camera with me anyway. The Lumix FZ300. Because it is weatherproof. It really is. I walked with the camera around my neck all day long. In the rain. No problem whatsoever. The FZ300 is an amazing camera with just one downsize. The small sensor. It’s a big disadvantage in low light. The picture above is a scenery in low light. Actually it is in the dark. Almost. The camera managed the poor light anyway. The small sensor has also a huge advantage. Being able to give the FZ300 a 25-600 zoomlens and still walking around with it all day long. I took a lot of pictures and I had a great day, despite the rain. Because the FZ300 doesn’t care about rain. 🙂

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