A picture a day | What’s happening to me?

My least favourite genre of photography is architecture. Buildings. They are so… static. Even a tree is more alive. But lately I have more an eye for buildings then ever before. Why?

I don’t know. Maybe I ‘see’ more. Paying more attention to what I see. Or is it just a phase? Is it because the sky is clearing up in springtime? Or is it all just coincidence?

Nevertheless, this picture is taken at Central Station Utrecht and it’s a beauty. This white building against a clear blue sky. I like it.

My Fuji X100 did the job but I saw it first. What’s happening to me?

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A picture a day | Life, straight from the streets

I’m new to street-photography. But it’s interesting me for a long time. And with my recently purchased X100 I’ll going to give it a shot.

I actually have a ‘way’ figured out. First of all I use the following settings on the X100; Manual focus, auto-wb, auto-iso, aperture-mode (around F5.6), jpg+raw and I shoot in B+W. The raw-file remains all the colours of course.

Besides using the OVF I’m also trying to ‘shoot from the hip’. It takes a lot of practice. Getting the focal distance right, the framing and most of all, the timing. Most people on the streets are on the move. Interesting sceneries are everywhere but exist just a fraction of a second. I try to avoid burst-mode.

But again, it’s all about seeing things. Observe, anticipate… connect to everything around you. With street-photography you are right in the middle of everything. It’s intens and I like it. It’s life, straight from the streets.

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A picture a day | Spring is in the air

Today it was 22 degrees Celsius around here. That’s awesome! Nature is waking up and so are we humans.

I love picturing nature. It’s the big everything around us and it’s amazing. Especially during springtime because nature is coming up with all this new stuff. During winter it has figuring out new versions of all kind of species and now it’s starts showing off.

It’s also time to get on my bike again. To burn some winter-fat and go out to watch nature. And take a picture of it once in a while. Because spring is in the air!

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A picture a day | Panning

In the photography-game ‘pingpong’ I’m playing with my buddy Paul, he posted a picture of a car driving by. And the goal is to get a blurry background, fuzzy wheels and a razor-sharp car.

The picture above I took while visiting the Nurburgring in Germany. With a million cars racing the circuit there was plenty of practise in panning.

The problem was the distance to the tarmac. I was shooting with my D90 and a 18-200mm VR-lens. It did quite a good job. But panning with that distance (at least a 100 feet) zoomed in all the way is not easy. I did quite a good job.

But now I want to take a new great ‘panned’-picture for our pingpong-game. And this time using my X100. The X100 has a fixed 35mm unstabilized lens. It’s less easy, but more a challenge. And I like challenges.

Note: The pingpong-photography means that one is posting a picture and the other one answers with a similar picture.

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A picture a day | The (new) vlog is on his way

This is my vlog-camera. I’m talking to it for months now. About my new vlog. And we figured it out. Finally.

I vlogged before. As an experiment. To try, to learn, to adjust. It was a great experiment. I made about a dozen episodes and had a great time with it. But quickly I discovered the vlog was missing the most important ingredient. The story.

So I had to return to the drawing table to fix that. And I think I did. So the vlog will be back. Renewed, in English and with a story. A great story. I’ll keep you informed.

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A picture a day | Uglyness is relatively.

Today I was in Utrecht. And the whole central station is one big construction-site. Always. There is always the noise and the uglyness of building-materials and cranes. Huge cranes.

But today it was different. Because today spring started. It was a nice temperature outside, the sun was out and everybody was energetic. It was lovely weather and I even worked outside, on a terrace. Awesome!

And even the never ending construction-site became less ugly and more… art-like. I even couldn’t resist to take a picture of the huge main-crane. With the blue sky as a background it made a canvas. Uglyness is relatively.

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A picture a day | My model, Woody

I have three camera’s in use. A Nikon D90, a Panasonic FZ300 and a Fuji X100. And all three are an amazing piece of technology. But none of these camera’s takes the picture. I have to do that myself. With the use of one of these camera’s of course.

So often I’m sitting at my desk figuring out all the functions of these camera’s. Get to know them. Understand every button. Digging deep into the menu’s. But a lot of all these aspects don’t make any sense without hitting the shutter button once in a while. At that moment you wish you had a model. And I have one. Woody!

This guy is a little wooden statue on my desk. He’s called ‘The Reader’. I guess he’s reading a book about books. As a model he’s brilliant. Never moves, never complains, doesn’t ask any money. Being a perfect model I have about a million pictures of him. Or close to a million at least.

Recently Fuji updated the firmware of the X100 which enabled focus peaking. And to try this out Woody volunteered immediately. And while I was focussing and peaking he just kept reading his book and didn’t moved an inch. Typically Woody 🙂

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