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A picture a day | Back into the field

Today it was the first day of my holiday. And that means I have time for things I really like. Well, there is always time but it’s a constant struggle with priorities. And when I have a holiday my priorities … Lees verder

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A picture a day | Strategy, Risks and Emotions

The yearly ski-trip with friends is over. It was awesome and we will go again next year. And we will play Risk again. As every year. It’s just a game but we take it a kind of serious. Trying to … Lees verder

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A picture a day | Car-surgery

It was at the Nurburgring, Germany. Back in 2013. I was invited by a businesspartner for a day full of cars and racing. Of course I brought my camera and took a huge amount of great shots. Racing, cars and … Lees verder

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