A picture a day | The world from above

There is an amazing building in Antwerpen. It’s called the ‘Stadsfeestzaal’. The city hall of party. It’s huge and it has an amazing wooden floor. It also has two long balconies at both long sides of the hall. A great spot to look at the world from above.

I was there on a Saturday. A busy Saturday. A lot of people. I was shooting people from the balcony. That was fun. People going in all directions. Alone, as a couple or as a group.

And then there was this group as shown in the picture. They didn’t belong together. They were just standing very close to each other. Looking in different directions. It’s like they posed for the picture. A few seconds later the picture was gone. The world seen from above looks funny and changes very fast.

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A picture a day | It’s not all about the outside

When Paul and I went to Antwerpen for a great day of photography, this train was waiting for us at the Roosendaal station. The sign said it would bring us to Antwerpen. We had our doubts.

The train looked like it would never leave that spot again. Ever. The doors were open. Probably because they couldn’t close anymore. There were rust and dust everywhere.

So we got in. What else to do? Inside it was okay. Nice chairs and it was clean. Clean enough. And while we were talking about Fuji camera’s the train suddenly started to make some noise. The doors closed. And the thing started to move. Everything went well. The train actually stopped in Antwerpen. And we were able to get off the train. Amazing!

This really old and ugly beast did his job. And we paid six Euro for the ride. That’s a bargain. Thank you train. And sorry. I should have known better. It’s not all about the outside. It’s the inside that matters 🙂

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A picture a day | What you see when you look up

Today it was still a holiday. So we went for a walk and some food to Heusden. Heusden is around the corner from where we live. It’s a lovely little town. It has also a little harbor. The weather was great and we had a great dinner. But the magic happened on the way back to the car.

First I spotted some ducks in the water. They were… actually, I have no clue what they were doing. They were diving or snorkeling or looking for sunken ships. I really don’t know. The only thing I could see was their butts pointing towards the sky. And because of that, I looked up. It was a sign. They wanted to make me look up the sky. But ducks don’t have a pointing finger. So they point with their butt. I guess.

The sky was awesome. Clouds, the sun, reflections all over the place… it was stunning.

You can see a lot when you look up. Sometimes with the help of some ducks. 🙂

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A picture a day | Dramatic clouds

It’s cloudy. And I like that. Not the rain or storm. Just the clouds. Blue skies are… just blue. But clouds make the sky alive.

There are these white fluffy cotton-candy-like clouds. White fluffy clouds in a blue sky make the world a… uh… a piece of candy. A sweet must have big blue marble.

And there are these dark grey threatening clouds. They make the world a thriller. The way I like it. Especially above open water these clouds makes you feel… tiny and vulnerable. And look at that boat. He’s flooring it to get out of there.

To be honest I helped the story a little bit with some dramatic spices and HDR flavour. I have a lot of fun with ‘cooking’ a picture like that. Photography is not just trying to replicate the world on a pixel-level precision-ness. (Is that a word?) Photography is also giving birth to stories. Uh.. that’s an awkward sentence you don’t wanna have a picture of.

Anyway… for me, it’s all about the creative process. Scouting the scenery, taking the picture and creating something with it. For tomorrow I’m thinking of something green!

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A picture a day | Social Photography

First things first… this is not a picture taken by me. Paul took it. It’s a great picture. And he didn’t just hit the shutter button. He first hit the social button.

We were taking pictures in Woudrichem. A small village nearby. Every building over there is a monument. They take great care of all these buildings. And so was this guy. While I was playing candid camera, Paul had another approach. He started a conversation. About buildings and masonry and the weather and so on. Just small talk. And the guy was enjoying it. He was on that scaffolding the whole day so he could use a break.

After that Paul asked if it was okay if he took some pictures. He didn’t mind at all. And so Paul turned the guy into a model.

So Paul learned me a lesson that day. Street photography is often Social Photography. 🙂

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A picture a day | From boring to exciting

I was in London a couple of weeks ago. It was an exciting trip. But the weather over there was boring. Of course, I had a camera with me. I took a picture of the river Thames but I had to spice it up. Making the picture as exciting as the whole trip.

The camera I had with me was the Fuji X100. Small, light and incredible. I wasn’t really on a sightseeing trip in London. I was there for some real business. I had a meeting for one and a half hour in the center of ‘business-doing’-London. Four out of five people on the street were wearing a suit. With tie.

My meeting was with Brinley. He has some real corporate mileage on him. So sure I was listening very carefully to him. People like Brinley know stuff. So I was very excited. Not nervous. Excited. We talked about strategy, ‘Strategy with Balls’ and digitizing businesses. It was a great meeting and I’m working on the follow-up right now.

Back on the streets again it was time to relax and enjoy London. It’s an awesome city. But with the really boring weather. So I cranked up the weather in the picture. For sure the people in the ferris wheel want to get out as soon as possible. 🙂

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A picture a day | Back into the field

Today it was the first day of my holiday. And that means I have time for things I really like. Well, there is always time but it’s a constant struggle with priorities. And when I have a holiday my priorities are different. Today one of those priorities was getting back into the field.

So I grabbed my D90, tripod, and carkeys and rushed out. I live nearby a beautiful piece of nature (Biesbosch) and there is always a bit of sky, field or pond to take a picture of. It was getting dark very quickly so I needed a lot of shutter speed but I brought my tripod. But where is the remote? Really, why do I have so much stuff in such a small bag? After putting the bag upside down three times I found it. The remote.

The picture is combined with three separate pictures with different exposures. I wanted the green of the grass and the blue of the sky. It’s called bracketing. I don’t know why. I didn’t use a bracket.

This picture is no price winner. But I actually like the result. Me, back into the field again! 🙂

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